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Ask a question about code splitting address

dprozz122 edited in Tue, 17 Jan 2023

For example: no.444 South Science Park Road, Dongguang County, Ma Xiaojie 13243214321 visible to the naked eye is: address information: no.444 South Science Park Road, Dongguang County, name: Ma Xiaojie Tel: 13243214321

How can I know what is when I write code..... Do you have an idea

github: https://github.com/wzc5707382...demo : https://wangzc.wang/smartPars...

At present, only word segmentation and special character input are supported for correct recognition

新疆阿克苏温宿县博孜墩柯尔克孜族乡吾斯塘博村一组306号 800-8585222 马云

But I want to improve the user experience


You don't have to enter a space or anything like that... Card in the name and detailed address here, the code really do not know what your name, detailed address where... Someone can provide the next ideas?

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commented on Tue, 17 Jan 2023

Mark, this is very difficult to do, for example, someone surnamed Dong, Mr. 13243214321, building 444, South Science Park Road, Dongguang County. Or the person's name ends with a number, and the number ends with a seven or eight digit landline. That's also GG.

How about controlling the source of address input?

commented on Wed, 18 Jan 2023

You don't have to write this yourself. You can consider the interface of AI platform. Like Baidu brain or something.