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Vscode can't prompt JS like idea prompts Java. What's the solution?

user13581602 edited in Sun, 18 Dec 2022

Point syntax always can't point out a method, and it can't be as quick and sensitive as Java prompt. This problem is really unbearable. If there is a front-end staff who knows the solution, please let them know. Just referring to JS, we don't know NPM at present, so we don't consider it

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commented on Sun, 18 Dec 2022

Vscode install a plug-in: Javascript (ES6) code snippets

commented on Mon, 19 Dec 2022

What else do you want with a weakly typed language?

Go to typescript.

commented on Mon, 19 Dec 2022

Are we all hands-on?

commented on Mon, 19 Dec 2022

JS is a dynamic language and Java is a static language. I don't think JS can be used. Java defines a variable. When you use it below, you will know what type the variable is and what attributes it has. JS doesn't work. I don't know the types and properties of variables and how to use them

// java
int a;
// 下文知道变量是整型,就可以代码感知整型的相关函数,属性
// js
const a;
// 下文不知道变量是什么类型,没法代码感知
commented on Mon, 19 Dec 2022

If you can't prompt it, it's normal. Even if you use the same product webstorm and JS attributes as idea, whether you can prompt it is random. For a good ide experience, please go to typescript