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How can the selected value in the select selector in elementui be passed to the parent component?

aleonjhon edited in Thu, 24 Nov 2022

Dear masters, there is a select selector that I often use, so I have registered it as a small component. I want to pass the selected value to the parent component in the form of emit: first, write down the code of the selector in the child component, and bind it with its own change event: < El select V-model = "kkkvalue" placeholder = "please select" >... <script>change(){var that = this;this.$emit('to_ fuzujian', that.kkkvalue );}... Then register and receive the incoming kkkvalue value in its parent component and store it into the value of the parent component_ In KKK: < selectdemo @ to_ fuzujian="to_ fu"></selectdemo>。。。 methods: {to_ fu(data) { this.value_ kkk = data;}...

Finally, it can't be displayed normally. What's the matter with you masters?

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commented on Fri, 25 Nov 2022

< El select V-model = "kkkvalue" placeholder = "please select" > you are not listening to the change event in this code

commented on Fri, 25 Nov 2022
<selectdemo :to_fuzujian="to_fu"></selectdemo>
data() {
  return {
    to_fu: '' //每次选中后,to_fu会直接更新