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After the Vue project is packaged, please make a big hand analysis. Is it possible to optimize the project volume?

MeatFlavourDev edited in Sun, 23 Oct 2022

As shown in the figure below:

(in addition to) loading asynchronous routing, what are the common strategies for the direct introduction of CDN by third-party plug-ins

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commented on Sun, 23 Oct 2022

Ecarts and element UI have to be loaded on demand. It seems that highlight has introduced all the language libraries. You can only select the ones that are used or important. The most efficient is gzip compression, 800 KB gives you 200 KB compression.

commented on Sun, 23 Oct 2022

According to your analysis chart, element UI and ecarts take up a lot of space. The introduction of CDN and the export of external have reduced a lot of space. In addition, I think your pictures can also be compressed (if you don't need a transparent background, you can let the UI provide you with JPG, and then compress it). Here is a recommended tool: https://tinypng.com/

commented on Sun, 23 Oct 2022

Well, am I the only one to find the problem with the path of Chinese pictures

commented on Mon, 24 Oct 2022

Summary of the scheme of optimizing Web application performance by personal blog