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How can the system keyboard called by front input not monitor up and down keys?

mcolegro edited in Sun, 23 Oct 2022

After the input element is focused, the system keyboard will be called up

IOS system keyboard has an up and down key


Blue arrow in the upper left corner

But if you click the up and down button, it will lead to some errors on the page

How can I cancel listening up and down?

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commented on Sun, 23 Oct 2022

Refer to this method: https://stackoverflow.com/que...

commented on Sun, 23 Oct 2022

Consider making an imitation for each input. When inputting, only the input being input will be displayed, and other inputs will be hidden. In this way, the switch tab will not switch to the next input. This is what I did in a previous project.

commented on Mon, 24 Oct 2022

This is equivalent to the tab key of the keyboard

      if(event.key === 'Tab'){
commented on Mon, 24 Oct 2022

Can't you ignore the code