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Is JMX, jstatd and remote debugging open for production services

FREDANDFARID edited in Sat, 24 Sep 2022

Usually we need to set some JVM parameters to monitor or debug the server. However, monitoring and debugging will have more or less impact on the service (especially the production needs to be more cautious), so please ask how everyone does it: 1. JXM / jstatd. JMX is commonly used by individuals. With the help of jvisual VM and JMC, problems can be easily found and located. However, among the parameters recommended by vipshop @ Jiangnan Baiyi on the Internet, production is not allowed to access JMX remotely (- Djava.rmi.server .hostname=。 Would you like to know how much impact remote JMX will have on performance and whether it is open in production? 2. Remote debugging (- Djavax.net.debug=ssl -Xdebug - Djava.compiler=NONE ...)。 At present, I know that remote debugging needs to turn off JIT. I don't know if debug mode has other effects. Production can't be started. Shouldn't the business test environment be started all the time?

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