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Please take a look at my question about the course

lukaszkups edited in Sat, 27 Aug 2022

This is the company's course. I think it's very general. If I go to work in a normal company, what courses do I need

The first stage: · goal: · master HTML and CSS, basic JavaScript, jQuery DOM operation part and animation, bootstrap framework. At the end of the course, students have the ability to imitate the PC pages of major mainstream websites. Knowledge: 1. HTML tag language, common tag usage. 2. CSS: common style, selector, layout, positioning, transition and animation, media query. 3. Bootstrap style. 4. Character encoding, text file and non text file. The specific process of loading page by browser 5. JavaScript Foundation: basic data type, process control, JS built-in objects. 6. Algorithm exercises. 7. DOM: native JS operation, DOM, event. 8. JQuery DOM operation, animation. 9. Recursive thought, function call stack, closure, advanced algorithm. Project: Xiaomi mall PC main page

The second stage : Objectives: JS advanced, nodejs, express framework, database, AJAX request. After learning, students can use nodejs to develop server and operation database, and can develop server-side rendering website and Ajax request front-end rendering website. Knowledge points: 1. JS object oriented: constructor , call / apply / 2. Nodejs basic and network basic knowledge: FS , http , Module, less. 3, express framework, form request, template engine, mongodb database. 4, ES syntax and new features. 5, AJAX request and front-end rendering. 6, JS object attribute explanation, exception handling, cross domain request, front-end login judgment, verification code. Project: 1. Student status management system. 2. Online question answering system

The third stage: · goal: angular1, Vue, one project for each framework. · knowledge point: · 1, angular1: instruction, service, modularization, routing, animation. 2. Vue: instruction, method, calculation attribute, filter, component, component value transfer, event, slot, route, animation. 3. Vue advanced: common instruction principle, data binding principle, state management, Vue component library, webpack, single file component. Project: · BBS forum project phase 4: · goal: react and angular2 / 4, wechat applet, and later fragmented knowledge points. Knowledge points: · 1, react · 2, angular2 / 4 · 3, SVG, canvas, Unit test 4. Map, chart, websocket, share 5. Wechat applet, wechat applet project 6. Redis cache, front-end local cache, nginx load balancing 7. Front end and back-end integration of Java project 8. Graduation project 9. Resume and interview 10. Implementation of Scrollview elastic effect in similar IOS. Socket to achieve LAN web games. Third party login. Project: · e-commerce website

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commented on Sat, 27 Aug 2022

It's like a training course

What does the company teach you?

commented on Sat, 27 Aug 2022

All of these will be full stack engineers

commented on Sat, 27 Aug 2022

。。。 What do you want?