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Why does the element UI timeline report errors

Anton edited in Sun, 14 Aug 2022

Why do I report an error when I use the timeline in element UI

vue.min.js:577 [Vue warn]: Unknown custom element: <el-timeline> - did you register the component correctly? For recursive components, make sure to provide the "name" option.

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commented on Sun, 14 Aug 2022

I don't think there is a big answer to this problem. For the convenience of future generations, I specially registered an account to explain how to solve it. First of all, make sure that the version of your element has the component timeline. Take a look in this area package.json This file, and then see if the version of the official website has this component, and then open Src / element UI/ index.js As you can see, this file does not refer to all the components in the elementui package. Just add them in import and use

commented on Sun, 14 Aug 2022

The El timeline and El timeline item components are not registered.

commented on Sun, 14 Aug 2022

Only the latest 2.82 has a timeline component. Can you take a look at your version

commented on Mon, 15 Aug 2022

The elmentui version of your project is too low. Just upgrade the version. Of course, NPM install -- force will make it easier

commented on Mon, 15 Aug 2022

So how to solve it in the end? Also met

commented on Mon, 15 Aug 2022

Resolved: NPM will still fail if it succeeds. It is the local elementui indexs.css and index.js Version not updated to NPM version

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