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The usage of uni app in H5 and app. /How to solve the deep / CSS compatibility problem?

thienhabetsi edited in Sat, 09 Jul 2022

This is true on the H5 side and on the app side

How can I change the style of the native component

                /deep/ .uni-slider-handle-wrapper {
                    height: 10upx!important;
                /deep/ .uni-slider-thumb{
                    display: none!important; 
                /deep/ .uni-slider-track{
                    background: #EC253C!important;
                /deep/ uni-slider{
                    margin-left: 0!important;
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commented on Sun, 10 Jul 2022

On the H5 side, the class prefix is uni, and on the app side, Wx

commented on Sun, 10 Jul 2022

If you can't penetrate it, change the source code of the component