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Today, open the company's website, display loading error. What's the reason for only showing one Microsoft image after restarting the server? Solution.

Prathap edited in Tue, 10 May 2022

Problem description

(the question has been updated. Please look at the following. Thank you

Today, open the company's website, display loading error. As the company's back-end has resigned, there are no back-end developers for the time being. And I'm the front end, and I don't know anything about the back end. Try to restart the server, but after the restart, the website only shows a Microsoft image. What's the reason? Solution. (I looked at the website file still on the server)

to update:

Thank you, brother on the first floor. This problem has been solved. When IIS is turned off, there are no Microsoft pictures; But the website still can't open, just like the first sentence of the problem description. Please help!


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commented on Tue, 10 May 2022

Windows? Generally, IIS takes up port 80. You have to know what is used in the back end, IIS, Tomcat, nignx or Apache. Then you end the non main program service and let port 80 back to the official service. But I'm afraid that the back end has deleted the library and code!

commented on Tue, 10 May 2022

Remote desktop to windows server to see the configuration, this configuration front-end can also understand

commented on Tue, 10 May 2022

Turn off IIS and start Tomcat.

commented on Wed, 11 May 2022

First of all, you don't know whether your website is hosted by Tomcat or IIS. You need to confirm this. Then, if it is hosted by IIS, it should be a configuration problem. You need to see your IIS detailed configuration. If it's tomcat, you need to see if Tomcat starts. If it doesn't start, you need to start it.

commented on Wed, 11 May 2022

Try restarting the back-end service. Is it Tomcat?

commented on Wed, 11 May 2022

Why do you all say Tomcat bullies nginx

commented on Wed, 11 May 2022

Will it be that your server will automatically back up the website project and database every day, and then your memory will explode after a long time, so it will not be able to play. If you are using the cloud server, you can submit the work order to the cloud server

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