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How to solve the problem that nginx can't access the files in the root directory?

antoaunix edited in Mon, 08 Feb 2021

My host is a ubuntu16.04 host of alicloud. Nginx has been successfully installed. When I visit the IP (e.g. 0.0.0), the nginx welcome page is displayed, but I visit index.html Display 404, input curl in the host/ index.html Open is the 404 page file. That is to say, all files in the root directory have no routing. How can I solve this problem?

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commented on Mon, 08 Feb 2021

Default configuration for installing nginx in Ubuntu apt

/etc/nginx/conf.d/ nginx.conf Default configuration

/Etc / nginx / sites available / default default default localhost configuration

/Var / www / HTML / default working directory

http://localhost/index.nginx-debian.html Default welcome page full URL

So you need to edit the line / etc / nginx / sites available / default root and change the directory to your own.

commented on Mon, 08 Feb 2021

Conf in nginx installation directory/ nginx.conf The configuration is as follows:

server {
        listen       80;
        server_name  localhost;

        location / {
            root   html;
            index  index.html index.htm;

The root attribute specifies the root directory of the file to be accessed, the index attribute specifies the default access page, and location / indicates that all requests are matched.

Page 404, then you go to the directory specified by root to see if there is index.html file

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