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Java calls the webapi of HTTPS through httpclient

tblev edited in Sat, 09 Jan 2021

How can Java call webapi in the form of HTTPS through httpclient? How to verify a certificate. Example: https://devdata.osisoft.com/p... The interface needs to be called through httpclient. I haven't done the call in the way of HTTPS. I don't know how to solve it.

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commented on Sat, 09 Jan 2021

Our company's practice is to ignore the certificate verification, and the code is as follows:

 SSLContext sslContext = new SSLContextBuilder().loadTrustMaterial(null, new TrustStrategy() {
                // 信任所有
                public boolean isTrusted(X509Certificate[] chain, String authType) throws CertificateException {
                    return true;
            HostnameVerifier hostnameVerifier = SSLConnectionSocketFactory.ALLOW_ALL_HOSTNAME_VERIFIER;
            SSLConnectionSocketFactory sslsf = new SSLConnectionSocketFactory(sslContext, hostnameVerifier);
            Registry<ConnectionSocketFactory> socketFactoryRegistry = RegistryBuilder.<ConnectionSocketFactory> create().register("http", PlainConnectionSocketFactory.getSocketFactory())
                    .register("https", sslsf).build();
            cm = new PoolingHttpClientConnectionManager(socketFactoryRegistry);
            httpClient = HttpClients.custom().setConnectionManager(cm).setSSLSocketFactory(sslsf).build();
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